About EB5 Group, LLC

EB5 GROUP specializes in raising foreign capital to real estate projects that create new jobs for US Citizens.

EB5 GROUP has significant experience in development, investment, and financial modeling which has been applied to projects in a wide range of real estate sectors. EB5 GROUP uses its specialized knowledge to bridge the gap between investors and developers in order to meet their needs.

EB5 GROUP manages an expanding portfolio of Regional Centers focused on meeting the increasingly rigorous demands of the EB-5 investor. Each project is sponsored by a designated Regional Center that is fully approved by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) and managed by EB5 GROUP.

EB5 GROUP is a leader in providing overseas financing
to proven real estate developers and borrowers

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EB-5 Program


  • Created by the Immigration Act of 1990 to create jobs in the U.S.
  • Provides a method of obtaining a green card for foreign nationals who invest money and promote U.S. jobs in the United States.
  • To obtain visa, individuals must invest $500,000 in a “Targeted Employment Area” creating or preserving at least 10 jobs for U.S. workers.
  • A targeted employment area (TEA) as an area which has experienced unemployment of at least 150% of the national average rate.
  • Please click here for an overview of the Immigrant Investor Process.


Federal Program Administered by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).


Since 2003, EB-5 Regional Centers have invested over $4.0+ billion of foreign capital into the U.S. economy.

EB-5 Advantages

  • The investors have no obligation or requirement to accept employment.
  • The education benefits of permanent residents are available to all EB-5 visa holders such as admission to State universities at state residency costs.
  • Qualifying investors, their spouse and unmarried children less than 21 years of age all will be granted United States Lawful Permanent Residency.
  • During the period of temporary permanent visas there is a residency time requirement.
  • Legal permanent residents under the EB-5 Investor Visa Program enjoy the same benefits as every other United States resident absent the right to vote.

Our Team

Brad Sher

Chief Executive Officer

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Robert Hobbs

Chief Operating Officer

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Peter Wenner

Senior Vice President


Felicia Nilson

Financial Analyst

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VA Monterey Medical Campus

Subscription Availability:
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Project Location:
Monterey California

USCIS Status: Exemplar Approved

Job Creation:
Creating over 730 jobs

EB5 Capital: $41,500,000


Barnett Laura Trio Historic Project

Subscription Availability:
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Project Location:
Jacksonville Florida

Job Creation:
Creating over 1,000 jobs

EB5 Capital: $49,500,000.00


Broadway Tower

Subscription Availability:
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Project Location:
Portland Oregon

Job Creation:
Creating over 1,300 jobs

EB5 Capital: $49,500,000


Pendry Hotel San Diego by Montage

Subscription Availability:
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Project Location:
San Diego California

Job Creation:
Creating over 1,800 jobs

USCIS Status: Exemplar Approved

EB5 Capital: $49,500,000


San Diego FBI Facility

Fully Subscribed
Project Location: San Diego, CA
USCIS Status: I-526 Approvals
Over 1,200 job created
EB5 Capital $49,500,000


VA Winston Salem Medical Campus

Project Location: North Carolina
USCIS Status: I-526 Approvals
Over 1,400 jobs to be created
EB5 Capital $49,500,000


The Harrison @ Glendale

Project Location: Glendale, CA
USCIS Status: I-526 Approvals
Over 500 jobs created
EB5 Capital $26,000,000


Sky3 Residences

Project Location: Portland, OR
USCIS Status: Exemplar Approved
Over 400 jobs created
EB5 Capital $24,000,000

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