Alex Ahlstrom



Alex Ahlstrom has supported Chinese individuals invest in American real estate as well as assist international companies set up offices in Shanghai since 2008. He is fluent in Mandarin-Chinese with strengths in investment and real estate from working for years as the only foreigner in all-Chinese companies.

He graduated from the University of Redlands in 2008 with a Bachelor’s degree in Global Business that included 40 credit hours of Mandarin. Upon graduation, he went to Beijing where he worked personally with the real estate developer who held the highest price point for residential real estate by area in the city develop his expansion plans to the United States.

In 2009, Alex moved to Shanghai where he assisted international companies set up their offices in Shanghai. What was initially a sales job quickly expanded in scope as clients from the Europe, Asia and America relied upon Alex to manage Chinese construction and design teams in Mandarin.

Starting in 2012, Alex started assisting Chinese investors purchase real estate investment in California and the greater New York Metropolitan area. As the primary marketer and interpreter, he helped move a 752-unit mixed use real estate from the conceptual phase to the first round of funding with Chinese investment. At the same time, he assisted Chinese purchase assisted living facilities in the San Diego area. Alex would make trips to America for market research, then go back to China to help sell the investments and finally return to America to tour investors around the developments.

As a former scuba dive instructor, swim coach, water polo captain and lifeguard, Alex enjoys competition and adventure in the outdoors.